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not my fault it sucks [Jul. 31st, 2009|11:17 pm]
How bout some random cool stuff to oggle over? No? Ahhhh, that means yes.

This is apparently from Halloween 2...I don't how it friggin' enters into the Michael Myers story, but fuggin' aye does it ever look freaky n' neat:


This is the teaser poster for Jonah Hex, which is based off a pretty nifty comic from awhile back. Don't mind the Megan Fox and concentrate on the Josh Brolin. Always on the Brolin:


This is a poster for Shutter Island, the new Scorsese flick, which is a bit of a thriller n' stuff with Leo DiCaprio...looks promising, but it IS Scorsese, so why wouldn't it? :


This poster shows that not only is Eli Roth a great director, but apparently he's also a Bear Jew who likes to hunt Nazis with a baseball bat n' such:


And lastly, look, just friggin' LOOK, at this awesome Tool tour posted that was designed by Adam Jones...LOOK AT IT:


Hypnotic, is it not?

That's all...back to your "lives", as it were. I'm available for autographs for the next half hour at the merch booth.